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WUFA is proud that the Faculty at the University of Windsor was one of the first academics in Canada to come together. The Association was founded in 1974 and was certified in 1978 by the Ontario Labour Relations Board as an exclusive bargaining partner. Today, unions and collective bargaining are the norm in higher education. Mr. Schorf. Workers crossing picket lines. In doing so, schorf undermines the process of negotiating collective agreements. By refusing to work, bosses lose money, and workers tip the scales and wield some power. But if bosses can drive in non-unionized workers to run the machines, the effectiveness of a strike, the only lever available to the working class, is neutralized. It is no coincidence that such an ugly word is reserved for so-called “class converging”. Scab jumped from a description of injuries caused by diseases such as syphilis to a description of morality. But the use of the schorf is only one of the strategies of the capitalist class.

The strategy works by choosing class solidarity and taking advantage of the despair of the working class. It is imperative that we shed light on this sordid tactic. In this way, we build a disciplined and conscious labour movement. This is not the only example of two-step negotiations at the University of Windsor. The University of Windsor Faculty Association (WUFA) represents professors, teachers, teachers, academics and librarians. Librarians are divided into four distinct levels; Auxiliary staff. But the more insidious two-step negotiation that is shown is the stratification of meeting teachers and teachers and assistants, associates and ordinary teachers. Like ATTs and GAs, there is a lot of overlap in the roles of teachers, teachers and teachers that make the difference in pay, performance and job security unacceptable – all teach and organize courses, while some professors also do research. Teachers belong to the lowest level of the DEEE collective agreement, teachers assistant teachers the lowest teachers, associate teachers the third and ordinary are in the lead. This gradient may seem reasonable, except that most assistant professors have teacher status in the first five years.

There is no such path for teachers. On the contrary, teachers and trainers are contract agents. They`re guarded by teachers, they`re alone. Details of the agreement were not released, but WUFA President Jeff Noonan said he was pleased with the agreement. There is a language in the collective agreement that tries to prevent the administration from simply hiring A.T. to save money; “… the ratio between TA and GA hours during this semester should not exceed 2.0 (TA) to 1 (GA).” But that`s just a meagre protection. Instead, I would like to focus on the University of Windsor`s long-term strategy in dealing with unions: sharing and conquering. This desperation gave the administration a lot of influence when it negotiated a new contract in 2014. The administration decided to respond to numerous requests from teachers and teachers, while ignoring the teachers` requests.

The earnings of contract agents would be more than offset by concessions from higher-paid teachers.