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Product promotion: promotional techniques to be used by the representative for the sale of products. During the duration of this distribution contract, the distribution agency has the right to represent products within the designated territory, including those products under the brand name, copyright or business name of the company. The company will provide all necessary distribution training at regular intervals for the distribution agency and Agency staff, if deemed necessary. This agreement and its entirety constitute the whole agreement between the parties. This agreement replaces all previous written or written agreements between the parties. This contract may be terminated under one of the following conditions: This contract through a sales agency is concluded from [Agreement. Date] between the following companies, collectively referred to as “parties,” and considered effective: If the parties understand and accept the terms of the document, they must sign it and keep a copy. If one of the parties is a registered entity, a person should be a signatory with permission to sign agreements on behalf of the companies. PandaTip: This section of the sales agency agreement model describes the process and procedure for sales and post-sale activities, including offers, support and collection of unpaid fees by end-users. 4. Agent Duties and Obligations: The contract may require the agent to comply with the following obligations: PandaTip: you and your sales agency counterpart can use the following fields to sign this model of electronic sales agency. Any communication relating to this sales agency agreement must be sent in person or by certification to the following addresses. The exclusive agency gives an agent exclusive rights to sell the client`s products in the territory and the client agrees not to appoint other representatives in the same territory.

In a non-exclusive agency, the client may appoint other representatives in the territory and the representative must compete with others to promote and conclude sales. Normally, the area is defined as a geographic area entrusted to the agent. Annual target: The annual turnover rate implies the minimum revenue target that the agent must achieve for the year. Yes, in this agreement, you can set minimum revenue targets. This document can be used to create a distribution agency relationship between an agent and a principal. In this way, an agent can earn commissions for the sale of the client`s goods. A sales agent works as an independent contractor for a company and promotes the company`s products or services for a fee for each sale. The contract between a sales agent and an organization is similar to an independent general contract agreement. The contract stipulates that the salesperson is not an employee, official or co-owner of the company. Commissions vary depending on the size of the representative`s sales during each salary period. PandaTip: Since the distribution agency has the right to sell only the products listed in a given region, it is important to clearly define that region.