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The consortium agreement is an agreement between the Office of Financial Aid at Old Dominion University and the Financial Assistance Office of the Community College. It allows Old Dominion University to check which courses the student is enrolled in so that financial assistance can be granted. Distance students should ensure that the site manager has signed the agreement by Community College staff. Many community schools will not sign these forms after their school deadline to remove or add a course. Governor Terry McAuliffe and representatives from secondary education, higher education, economics, non-profit, HRCyber, the General Assembly and the Governor`s Office participated in the signing of a joint agreement between Old Dominion University and Tidewater Community College. For more information on the agreement, click here and here. Governor of Virginia flickr – Photos of the signing ceremony The drop-down list you select the university or university of 4 years to visit. (The drop-down list only lists schools with transmission agreements with CBT.) Information about the transmission of this establishment is posted below. Old Dominion University will enroll a student in courses at unionized institutions if the student presents a duly signed tidewater Consortium cross-enrollment form, which indicates the course or courses to be taken. The cross-registration form must be signed by the clerk and advisor of the institution of origin before the host institution can give its consent.

Thanks to the transfer agreements, your options are wide open at Tidewater Community College. Transfer your credits to a 4-year-old institution, or guarantee acceptance at more than 30 colleges and universities, while saving thousands of tuition fees. TCC ensures a seamless transfer of your classes through guaranteed admission agreements and specific transfer partnerships to institutes and programs. Use the tool below to plan your transfer to a bachelor`s degree! With the consortium agreement, each university accepts up to 50 percent course transfer credit for a student program when courses are taught by a faculty of member universities. As a result, students graduate from the institution of their senior advisor. Each of the member universities will maintain the resident faculty at the site of the peninsula.