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Stoke Primary School has a home school contract that you must sign. It calls into question the school`s responsibility to its students to pass on the responsibilities of the parents of the students and the hospitality of their students. The aim is to strengthen the partnership between home and school and to highlight the respective roles and expectations. Please sign and return the newspaper statement if you accept the agreement (one for each child attending Stoke Primary School). Choose your school agreement layout at school either based on our traditional or contemporary models, and at no extra cost, we will modify one or all formulations to meet your specific requirements. The name and logo of your school are integrated into the design and the print is in your choice of ink color. I confess that excellence is: 10. Tell the school about problems that may affect your child`s learning or behaviour. After the school activities We offer a number of after-school clubs, such as sports, dance and crafts. For more information about our school associations, please visit the school website school uniform can be purchased: CAT BALLOU ORIGINALS 1-3 THE BURGES Phone – 02476 555499 I/We are fully committed to helping my child achieve excellence by: Staying at school during breaks or leaving school without permission Tell someone that if you are unhappy or you are chosen for a smooth start to the day and on time is very important for children.

The school gates will be open at 8:45 a.m. in anticipation of the start of the day at 8:55 a.m. If a child goes to school after this period, they must go to the school office, where parents are asked to sign them in the late book and indicate the reasons for the delay. For safety reasons, jewelry is not allowed and make-up (including nail polish) should not be worn. We work closely with parents to develop health plans for children with specific medical needs. We also administer prescription drugs to children who need them to support their schooling. 3. Make sure your child wears the school uniform and adheres to the school clothing code. This code of conduct is part of our home agreement. Children are encouraged to take care of five things and compliance with the school`s code of conduct is number one. It is displayed around the school and is simplified to the main titles for younger children.

Our learning mentors help you if you have difficulty with your child`s presence. The first team of children and families will address the parents at home in case of irregular presence and/or persistent delay. 6. Prepare for learning (go to school and arrive on time, with the right equipment, i.e. the school code of clothing and KIT PE, no jewelry, etc.) Since September 2013, it is not possible to allow a semi-annual absence/leave for children since September 2013, except in very exceptional cases. If parents wish to apply for leave, they must apply for a form from the school board. Parents should be aware that it is highly unlikely that the application will be voted on by the Director and the Chairman of the Governors and that they may be fined up to $60 per parent per child if they continue their absence. ยท Talk to strangers at school, unless they have a school badge Discover a broad, challenging and rewarding program.

Give an ethic of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed. Work collaboratively and in partnership with families and the community at large. In hot weather, girls can wear blue and white gingham summer dresses All clothes should be named. These fully adapted home school agreement forms are professional documents that help transmit and confirm the limits and standards required by both students and parents/facilitators and the school.