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If IMPACT believes that the Customer is not performing or not performing the obligations required by the Customer (as set out in Article 4 of this Agreement), IMPACT will inform the Customer of such defect in writing without undue delay, but in any event within ten (10) working days of becoming aware of the alleged defect. Each of these communications must detail the Customer`s obligations that have not been met, the Customer`s requirements, the Customer`s employees to whom this requirement relates, the date on which this requirement must be met, and the impact or result on the Services and Services if this requirement is not met. MSAs must be naturally adapted to the parties and projects they wish to pursue. Services provided in conjunction with framework service contracts range from bandwidth. Some may be time-based services with little or no performance and may only be subject to a general performance standard based on T&M (time and hardware). Other services are designed to create complex services over a long period of time, with payment and performance milestones subject to certain predefined acceptance criteria. Other projects use an agile methodology or other rapid development process to avoid some of the problems associated with older waterfall development methods. The third-party systems involved and who is responsible for what needs to be well understood between you and the company with which you enter into a contract. If you need help negotiating a framework agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us. The MSA should provide for a clear end to the project, and if there are ongoing commitments such as guarantees, these must of course also be clearly defined. But one of the most contentious situations is early termination, when one of the parties does not track regular payments or does not do so. It is not uncommon for the parties to enter into litigation because they did not act in accordance with the early dispute resolution terms of the agreement.

Unfortunately, many MSAs are worded in such a way that termination is the only alternative. This often leads to a situation where one party owes a significant amount of money and the other ends up with a partially completed project that is worth nothing in its unfinished state. .