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Stumbled upon your ticket and found it very interesting. We have plenty of private country roads, entry/exit services, private roads inside PUDs and common entrances. A few years ago, I had a trust house (represented the buyer) with a common entrance and I couldn`t find some type of maintenance contract. After some due diligence, I discovered that there were 75 tax tickets throughout the neighborhood, of which about 30% had common entrances and there were only 5 registered entry agreements. It`s hard to understand why I was the first to have a problem with this, given that the house had been moved several times before and no deal had been reached. Anyway, thank you for exchanging regarding the FNMA directive, I had not even thought about it from this point of view. In summary, while private roads can present unique challenges, remember that not all credit programs require a road maintenance contract and may be required, depending on the circumstances, additional requirements for these particular cases. I`ve never met this one – thanks for the heads in the air! I normally advise that real estate with something divided – wells, ponds, entrances or private roads – have a legal agreement. But I didn`t know it could be a lender`s requirement. The main difference between a public road and a private road is that a private road is maintained to the detriment of the individual and not the public.

However, do NOT assume that the road is considered private simply because it may be dirty or unprotected. In fact, many counties have a variety of classifications for road types and it`s always best to make and check the extra call. In short, you NEVER accept the classification or program requirements of a road. Even if the land is located along a dirt road, this does not automatically mean that it is a private road. As of October 1, 2014, the Fannie Mae Guideline applies to private CT roads based on House Bill Number 5219, Public Act Number 14-67 “An Act Concerning Maintenance of Private Easements And Rights Of-Way. House Bill Number 5219, Public Act Number 14-67 reads much more like the FHA`s policy for real estate on private roads that do not have a Maintenance Road Agreement, FHA only requires that there be a permanent service agreement. If it is a private road, make sure that the lender, bank or broker managing the mortgage has experience with private roads and can correctly determine what programs are available.