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Subject to any agreement between governments exercising authority in the countries separated from Turkey and the governments of the countries in which these persons are established and Turkish nationals over the age of 18, originating from a territory separated from Turkey under this Treaty and usually residing abroad when they come into force , may opt for the nationality of the territory. of which they have nationality when they belong to the majority of the population of that territory on the basis of their race and the consent of the government exercising the authority exercised there. This right to vote must be exercised within two years of the entry into force of this treaty. The governments concerned, by appointment, appoint a secretary general for each court and each join one or more secretaries. The Secretary-General and the Secretaries are subject to the orders of the Tribunal, which, with the agreement of the governments concerned, has the power to hire anyone he or she needs. If leave is not granted, the person concerned is entitled, if circumstances require, to compensation corresponding to the immediate injury; this award is set by the Joint Court of Arbitration, which is late in an out-of-court settlement. The Turkish government, in agreement with the other contracting powers, exempts the German government from its obligation during the war to accept, at a certain exchange rate, Turkish government notes as a means of payment for goods that will be exported from Germany to Turkey after the war. Without prejudice to the provisions of the Schedule ii of this part, it is agreed that if payments made under a pre-war contract are made by amounts recovered, in whole or in part, in a currency other than that covered by this treaty during the war, these payments may be made by remitting the amounts actually recovered. , in the currency in which they were collected.