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Apply on time and follow the deadlines set by the host university. Many host universities choose students for their housing opportunities available on a “First Come First served” basis, if you apply on time, you are more likely to find the accommodation you prefer. After you register on the application portal, you are not directly bound to your own mobility online account. Connect to (use your AD account for the university network). Please note that you should attach a complete transcript for current and past degrees, i.e. if you are applying as a master`s student, you should also attach a full copy for your bachelor`s degree. If you are applying as a doctoral student, please also provide transcripts of your bachelor`s and master`s degrees. It is important that the courses are presented in English, Finnish or Swedish. If your home university does not provide transcripts in any of the above languages, you will be responsible for translating the document.

Such a document must be either a certified translation of the original document or the original institution must verify the translation with a stamp and signature. If you decide not to accept a foreign exchange position because of terrorist acts, epidemics, natural disasters or similar events, Hanken can only try to find a new exchange position at a university in another country at a very limited capacity; This depends on the registration plans put in place by the host universities. 9. Course registration is done via WebOodi ( To do this, you will need the University of Helsinki student number and your computer account, and you will receive it during the orientation course. Please note that we should not send them by email or mail, but collect them personally during orientation. If you need more information about the LS or if you would like to make changes, please contact International Exchange Services. If you need to update your LA and your home university has not provided you with a change form, you can use these changes in the learning agreement form. It is always important to be familiar with what your insurance covers, especially when travelling outside the European Union. The insurance required by your host university is not always sufficient in the event of illness or accident. Please contact your own insurance and find that you have sufficient insurance. Don`t forget your liability insurance.

After the exchange, the agency responsible for the transfer of credits will have to decide on the number of ECTS points provided for the study programs of the destination university. The level of ECTS points is determined on the basis of the target university`s credit system and/or descriptions of the studies, as well as, in language studies, on the basis of the target level of the course. The International Exchange Services of the University of Helsinki has published a recommended conversion scale for each partner university.