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If you have a price in mind and you know your gross salary, there are online calculators, such as the Green Commute Initiative website, that calculate indicative numbers. To join the cycle work program, your employer must register to join Cyclescheme. In calculating the initial price of the cycle, safety equipment adapted to the cycle (for example. B lights and bells) do not contain safety equipment worn by the cyclist (for example. B helmets or reflective clothing). When used regularly for commuting and/or between workstations, safety equipment supported by the cyclist may have a market value below the tabular percentages for bicycle and bicycle safety equipment. During the extended lease term, the employer is not responsible for contacting Cycle Solutions, as the agreement between Cycle Solutions and the employee exists. It doesn`t make any difference if you (the employee) change your job over the longer life. insure the bike against theft. Von Bath University assumes no responsibility if the bike is lost or stolen. Payments are still required until the end of the contract. If you leave your employer, while the worker`s original contract is still in effect, you must pay the balance and, as a general rule, the depreciated value of the bike if you wish to keep it.

You have the option to return it to your former employer. Yes, you have 14 days to cancel your Cycle2Work application from the date you sign your lease. To do this, please use the cancellation link that you should have received via email. You can also contact us with your cancellation reasons. Essentially, your employer buys a bike to allow you to get to work and “rent” it to you by the victims of wages (where you save by not paying taxes and social security contributions on the monthly fee). At the end of the rental period, you usually have the option to buy the bike from your employer. This is a salary-killing plan in which you give up part of your salary before taxes and national insurance in exchange for renting a bicycle and/or safety equipment. In this case, you should contact the service provider directly and not directly with Cycle2Work. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an update of your application or cancel your contract for you. If you are unsure if your employer is using a service provider or are unsure who the service provider is, please contact your human resources department. The cycle-to-work system ceiling is flexible and is set by your employer.