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Regular checks help your boiler function properly and may even help extend its lifespan. Many providers are only covered if you have an annual service. Some providers do not include annual service as part of your coverage, so their contracts may seem cheaper. We checked and compared the boilers and central heating scover from 11 suppliers. We broke down the boiler lid into common sections: boiler, smoke, hot water system, heating systems, radiators, valves and system pipes, gas pipe, boiler replacement, etc., to show who covers what. All insurance policies and service contracts have many exclusions for their insurance coverage, and these are shown in the box below in each section. We summarize our results at the end of this page. Yes, yes. An annual service is essential to keep your boiler in service efficiently and safely. We advise you to receive one, whether you take back the boiler or not.

With whom? we only verify and publish information on contracts offering an annual service. The complete central boiler includes repairing your boiler and its control, as well as other parts of the system, including radiators, pump and smoke. The plan should include call-out, parts and work. This is based on the proportion of respondents whose combined boiler repair costs, plus annual boiler service fees (based on an average boiler maintenance price of $80), exceeded the average annual cost of boiler coverage by $288 last year. We surveyed 1,123 boiler cover customers about their supplier`s customer service, response times and value for money, so we can tell you which brands boiler owners recommend. There are three main types of gas and oil boilers: conventional water, condensation and combination. Electric boilers can also be used in conventional heating systems, and are compact and lightweight. Boiler Cover: An insurance policy or service contract that covers you for boiler failures, which can be extended to your central heating system. But it`s becoming more and more common for many customers not to know what they`ve signed up for – they often think they have an insurance policy, when in fact it`s a service contract that leaves them unprotected in the event of a problem.