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H. Your right to pay: If you have authorized BBVA USA to make pre-authorized electronic transfer payments from your account, you can stop all payment by calling Simple at 1.888-248-0632 or by sending a support message via the web or mobile apps. You must notify Simple in time for Simple to receive your request at least three (3) business days before the scheduled payment. You must provide Simple with sufficient information to identify the payment, as well as other information that we may request. If you place your stop payment request over the phone, you must confirm your stop payment order in writing to Simple within 21 days of your oral stop payment order. A request for oral payment does not bind us after twenty-one (21) days if you do not give the required written confirmation. We also require that within twenty-one (21) days of receiving your oral or written payment stoppage, Simple will provide you with a copy of your written notification to the recipient, who waives the recipient`s authority to receive payments from your account electronically. If Simple does not receive a copy of this message from you within twenty-one (21) days of receiving your request for oral or written payment, your request for payment is no longer binding on the suspended payment. In response to your request for payment for the cancellation of a pre-authorized electronic transfer, BBVA USA may, at its sole discretion, pay all payments to the recipient concerned, or BBVA USA may inform you, at its sole discretion, that your request for payment cannot be met, except in the event of a closing of your account.

If you correctly request Simple Simple to stop a payment, and BBVA USA does not, we will reimburse you for any losses or damages you suffer, if any, caused by BBVA USA`s failure to stop the payment as desired. Please note your agreement and the declaration of disclosure of your card for various requirements that may apply in order to stop the payment of pre-authorized electronic transfers that include the use of these cards or account numbers on these cards. This simple mobile deposit agreement governs your use of the Simple Mobile Deposit Service. The mobile deposit allows you to make deposits remotely into your account by taking a photo of your cheque (s) and transferring images of those cheques to Simple, in accordance with our requirements. If we accept the image for pickup, we will try to collect the item by presenting the image or converting the image into a replacement test. Unlike the traditional cheque deposits described above, you maintain verification of the original paper when using mobile deposits.