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Even if Amazon were wrong to take the proceeds from your sale and apply it to an unpaid credit, and that may or may not be the case, that would most likely happen. You won`t be able to change the way Amazon works. If your goal is to get some money into your hands as soon as possible, you should try to sell your business elsewhere. Perhaps there is another large Internet market at your disposal? We have an Amazon loan with repayments that will mature in the next 6 months. To some extent, we have enough FBA stocks to cover this monthly payment, and we are also willing to monitor sales to prepare inventory when Amazon reopens in April. You and your lawyer must read the credit agreement you signed. If that hasn`t changed, it seems that your agreement with Amazon Lending states that they would remove their S. from your seller account. You`re a guaranteed lender.

not that it will help you, but judge bk could return to Amazon the money they took after they were warned by the bk and it would be distributed by the judge as he wants. If your business receives a loan from a third-party lender, you sign a loan agreement directly with the third-party lender and your business is subject to the terms of that loan agreement. Your participation in the seller`s credit program and the status of the loan repayment have no impact on the sales status of your Amazon account. C. The borrower is responsible for repaying the loan to Capital Float. I`ve never made a loan offer, I make about 50k on sale a month for well over a year, and I offered about 20 great value bu fba I offered 3.98% total cost on a 6 month loan. I don`t do FBA and I have good metrics. I have been offered several loans, but I have never taken them because I do not need them. I would be more concerned about borrowing as my sales decrease, because I think amazon lending is still going to want their money after the loan contract.

I doubt it. They want liquidity to be able to cover non-performing loans. So, as sales will decline in the coming weeks, do you think Amazon`s loans will stop for all sellers? The Seller`s Credit Program is a program of Amazon Lending. Under this program, you can receive invitations to apply for loans from local Chinese lenders to expand your business on Amazon. While we strive to serve as many of our sellers as possible, this program is only available to sellers who meet the criteria set by lenders. I got the impression that they only offered these credits to sellers who hold shares in FBA, so if the loan was not paid, Amazon would keep your shares/sales proceeds to ensure that the loan money was finally repaid. But maybe I`m wrong in that direction? B. The borrower has self-registered to purchase goods or services on the platform (subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the platform), float capital having entered into a partnership agreement with or to provide financial assistance. Amazon Lending has started asking for personal guarantors… Thus, if the loan is not paid by your company, it is the personal guarantor (probably you) who is responsible for the repayment of the loan… In my opinion, reduce the stock, reduce costs and act whenever it is possible to get out of it.